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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

T.G.I Friday's Restaurant & Bar_The-Curve @ 24.01.2014

Friday, is the day where most of the people are slowing down themselves for the upcoming holiday during weekends. If you are out of idea of where to dine on Friday, probably you could go to T.G.I to celebrate your Friday night. What is so nice about T.G.I was the environment, food and drinks. The staff there welcome you with a WARM welcome which would easily gives you an idea that you're celebrating your weekends. Hurray................................

The environment was cozy and relaxing. Their lightning was suitable for you who are seeking for a relaxation. It was also a great place for Birthday celebration as the staff will sing Birthday Song to you... ^^

 PS : I wasn't a FANS of STEAK. Most of the time, I prefer to go for a seafood or poultry main dish.

November Seabreeze (RM8.90)
Overall, this drinks was acceptable. It was good for the people who loves to have some fruits flavor in their sodas. But if you are a fans of cranberry, you could probably disappointed by this drink. The taste of Soda was slightly strong which had covered up the refreshing taste of the lime and cranberry. I couldn't even taste any taste of apple in this drinks.
Tennessee Chicken with Shrimp (RM41.90)
The soul for this dish was the sauce. Tennessee sauce was a sauce with a little bit of sour taste in it. If you are the fans of chicken breast, you could go for this dish. The chicken was grilled instead of fried. Grilled food are more preferable by me because their texture are not too oily compared to the fried method. This dish was served with a Cajun spiced shrimp. The shrimp was cooked by a deep fried method. I feel the shrimp was tasty because it was not too salty nor too oily. T.G.I serve it with two side dishes. Mashed potatoes and Grilled/Saute vegetable. Both of the side dishes was seasoned with their secret recipes.
Sirloin Steak (RM47.90)
My brother was a fans of steak. He ordered this steak with both mashed potatoes side dish, Medium rate (Half cooked) with Chimichurri Pesto. The texture of the beef was good. And it was served best in Medium rate. However, my brother mention that the sauce was bought from others not make by T.G.I themselves. This is because the oil in the sauce was too much. If the sauce was done by ourselves, it is normally less oily.
Championship BBQ chicken (RM32.90)
It was a seasoned roasted half chicken by grill. They serve this with Onion rings and Cheddar cheese mashed potatoes. Frankly saying, the sauce for this dish was not much difference with Tennessee sauce. It taste almost the same. The chicken was grilled in perfection. The juice was still lock inside the chicken which gives the chicken a juicy texture.

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