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Monday, January 20, 2014

My First Post @ 20.01.2014

Went for a HAUL today in WATSON @ 20.01.2014

Bought a Mascara and an Eyeliner from MJ, Majolica Majorca. The mascara was a Lash King Mascara and the eyeliner was Perfect Automatic Eyeliner.

Comments on Majolica Majorca - Lash King Mascara @ RM53.91 with discount

Frankly saying, I'm very excited to try on this product. What makes me SURPRISED was when I open the container I could see how much the fiber contain in it.

The Goodness of the Mascara :
- It does not smudge due to the waterproof ability.
- It contains a lot of fiber which could lead to a longer and more lashes.

The Badness of the Mascara :
- It is a bit dry leads to difficulties to apply on the lashes.
- The packaging was too easy to open even before purchase (which would lead people to open it although they are not purchasing it)

The brush was filled with FIBER and it looks a bit dry as if an old mascara

Comments on Majolica Majorca - Perfect Automatic Eyeliner @ RM44.91 with discount

I was giving a lot of expectation on the eyeliner as I decided to purchase MJ's eyeliner rather than any other brand. However, it does gave me a little of disappointment. I could not even try on the product in the display rack as the display product was already broken and dried out. So, I wandering around the store to look for other brands but lastly i decided to choose MJ's eyeliner. When i try it i found out that the eyeliner wasn't that good as expected. The colour will only be BOLD after several application. I was expecting for a BOLD colour because the outcome will be thick after a few application. If you was looking for a eyeliner which give you a Thin Line and a Bold colour, this eyeliner will not be the best choice for you.

The brush of the eyeliner. The brush was a little too big if you wants for a thin line on your eyes. 

The FIRST UPPER LINE was a line drawn on the FIRST application. The SECOND LOWER LINE was a line drawn after a several application. 

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