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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

T.G.I Friday's Restaurant & Bar_The-Curve @ 24.01.2014

Friday, is the day where most of the people are slowing down themselves for the upcoming holiday during weekends. If you are out of idea of where to dine on Friday, probably you could go to T.G.I to celebrate your Friday night. What is so nice about T.G.I was the environment, food and drinks. The staff there welcome you with a WARM welcome which would easily gives you an idea that you're celebrating your weekends. Hurray................................

The environment was cozy and relaxing. Their lightning was suitable for you who are seeking for a relaxation. It was also a great place for Birthday celebration as the staff will sing Birthday Song to you... ^^

 PS : I wasn't a FANS of STEAK. Most of the time, I prefer to go for a seafood or poultry main dish.

November Seabreeze (RM8.90)
Overall, this drinks was acceptable. It was good for the people who loves to have some fruits flavor in their sodas. But if you are a fans of cranberry, you could probably disappointed by this drink. The taste of Soda was slightly strong which had covered up the refreshing taste of the lime and cranberry. I couldn't even taste any taste of apple in this drinks.
Tennessee Chicken with Shrimp (RM41.90)
The soul for this dish was the sauce. Tennessee sauce was a sauce with a little bit of sour taste in it. If you are the fans of chicken breast, you could go for this dish. The chicken was grilled instead of fried. Grilled food are more preferable by me because their texture are not too oily compared to the fried method. This dish was served with a Cajun spiced shrimp. The shrimp was cooked by a deep fried method. I feel the shrimp was tasty because it was not too salty nor too oily. T.G.I serve it with two side dishes. Mashed potatoes and Grilled/Saute vegetable. Both of the side dishes was seasoned with their secret recipes.
Sirloin Steak (RM47.90)
My brother was a fans of steak. He ordered this steak with both mashed potatoes side dish, Medium rate (Half cooked) with Chimichurri Pesto. The texture of the beef was good. And it was served best in Medium rate. However, my brother mention that the sauce was bought from others not make by T.G.I themselves. This is because the oil in the sauce was too much. If the sauce was done by ourselves, it is normally less oily.
Championship BBQ chicken (RM32.90)
It was a seasoned roasted half chicken by grill. They serve this with Onion rings and Cheddar cheese mashed potatoes. Frankly saying, the sauce for this dish was not much difference with Tennessee sauce. It taste almost the same. The chicken was grilled in perfection. The juice was still lock inside the chicken which gives the chicken a juicy texture.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple Chinese Fried Rice @ 28.01.2014

Fried Rice is a dish that could easily be made. You can use varieties of ingredient or flavor to make the fried rice that suits your taste bud.

But today I will share the ingredients that suits for people who are categorized as ''Vegetarian''. For the people who would prefer to go for meat, you could replace ''Artificial meat'' with any of the meat that you love.

Ingredients : Onion , Garlic, Ginger, Egg, Artificial Meat (Vegetarian Meat) , Rice , Carrot , Kaduk Leaves (OPTIONAL) , Cabbage
Cabbage , Dice it. 
Artificial Meat (Vegetarian) , Made from Mushroom.
Carrot , Dice it.
White Rice , It is better to use the rice which you had already kept in Refrigerator overnight.
This is because it will gives a harder texture and will be easier for you to stir it in the pan.
Kaduk Leaves, Slice it.
Garlic and Ginger, Cut it into tiny pieces.
Onion, I prefer to cut it into TRIANGLE shape because I want to have the texture of onion when I chew it.
You could dice or chop it into tiny pieces.
Kaduk Leaves before slice. It also use to make Otak-Otak.
Heat the pan with some Oil in it.
When the Oil is hot enough, add in Ginger and Garlic. 
Next, add in Onion and fry it in the pan for 20 seconds until you can smell the nice smelling of Garlic, Ginger and Onion.
Add in Kaduk leaves and continue to toss it for about 10 seconds. (Optional Step)
Then, add in Carrot. Toss it for about a minute.
If you feel that it will burn in this steps due to the dryness in the pan, add some water so it won't burn out.
Add in Egg. Don't forget keep tossing it as it would burn easily in this step.
Throw in Artificial Meat (You could change to any meat that you like in this step).
Simply toss it for 25 seconds.
Example : Chicken, Beef, Sausages
Add in Cabbage and let it to stay in the pan for about 30 seconds.
Remember not to stop tossing the ingredients.
Lastly, add in white rice and continue to toss it.
PS : If your rice are sticking to the pan, add in water so the rice will not stick to the pan.
Add in Soy Sauce, Dark Caramel Sauce and Sesame Oil
Add roughly 2 teaspoon of Sesame Oil.
Add in 2 teaspoons of Dark Caramel Sauce.
Soy Sauce must be added in based on your taste. For me, I'll only add 2 teaspoons.
If you prefer to eat salter food you could add more.
Final Outcome.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Seaweed Tid-bits for Chinese New Year @ 21.01.2014

New Year is around the CORNER!! My sister and Me are craving for some new year biscuit and we planned to make some of it. 

The seaweed tid-bits needs only a few things to make it happen. And the amount of the ingredients are based on your preferred. 

PS : Thanks to my sister to be the model for the steps.


Preparing for the food

Ingredients : 

- Seaweed (Make sure that its in thin pieces and could be easily fold)
- Skin of 'Popiah'
- Egg (Mix up the egg yolk and egg white in a bowl)
- Sesame Seed (Alternative, but it would be recommended if you are not allergic to it)
- Cooking Oil

Step 1 :

Apply a little bit of the egg to the POPIAH SKIN to make it a little bit wet.
Make sure that it's not too wet as it will stick to the surface of the table.

Step 2 :

Place a piece of seaweed on top of the POPIAH skin.
Apply again some of the egg on top of the seaweed

Step 3 : 

Sprinkle a little bit of the sesame seed on top of the seaweed
(If you are allergic to sesame seed, please proceed to Step 4)

Step 4 :

Place another sheet of POPIAH skin on top of the seaweed and put some pressure on it so the skin would stick with the seaweed

Step 5 :

CHECK the angle.
If it's not sticking apply some of the egg on top of the seaweed and put some pressure on it so they could stick together

Step 6 :

At this step, you would need to make decision on how your seaweed roll will look like.
You could go for the ROLL shape or ANY shape that you like.

If you choose to go for the ROLLING shape

Step 7 :
Take a chopstick and place it at the end of the POPIAH skin. Next, start to ROLL the chopstick with the POPIAH skin to another end of the POPIAH skin.

Step 8 :
Apply some of the egg at the end of the POPIAH skin. This is to make sure that the ROLL are in place when the chopstick were pulled out.

Step 9 : 

Try to put some pressure on the ROLL so it could stick, and make sure to CHECK the ROLL before you wants to pull the chopstick out from the ROLL.

Step 10 : 

Cut the ROLL into the shape that you want, but my sister will choose to cut it in the way shown in the picture. It's because it will look prettier after you fried it.

If you are choosing to make it in OTHER shape by cutting
(Demonstration on RECTANGULAR shape)

Step 7 : 

Put aside the POPIAH skin so it could be a little bit dried out. This will leads to easier to cutting into the shape that we wanted to.

Step 8 :

After putting aside for about 2 minutes, you could cut it according to the shape that you like.
(We would go for RECTANGULAR shape)


Step 1 :

Half-filled the pot with cooking oil. Make sure that the oil is enough. Do not be stingy when using the oil in this dish. 

Step 2 :

Make sure the oil is hot enough. You could check the oil by putting in 1 pieces of the raw seaweed tid-bits. If the oil are making alot of the small bubble, it means that the oil is not HOT enough. Wait for the oil to be a little bit hotter and check again.
The small bubble as the outcome if the oil is not HOT enough.


Step 3 :

When the oil is HOT enough, put some of the raw tid-bits into the cooking oil and fry for 10 seconds.
PS : 10 seconds is enough. A longer time will only leads the POPIAH skin to burn out. 

Step 4 :

Take out the food within 10 seconds and it will lead to a yellowish colour texture.
Do not wait until it become BROWN before you remove it from the oil.

Outcome : 

See the difference in colour for the RAW and COOKED seaweed tid-bits.
Upper left - Cooked
Lower right - Raw

Monday, January 20, 2014

My First Post @ 20.01.2014

Went for a HAUL today in WATSON @ 20.01.2014

Bought a Mascara and an Eyeliner from MJ, Majolica Majorca. The mascara was a Lash King Mascara and the eyeliner was Perfect Automatic Eyeliner.

Comments on Majolica Majorca - Lash King Mascara @ RM53.91 with discount

Frankly saying, I'm very excited to try on this product. What makes me SURPRISED was when I open the container I could see how much the fiber contain in it.

The Goodness of the Mascara :
- It does not smudge due to the waterproof ability.
- It contains a lot of fiber which could lead to a longer and more lashes.

The Badness of the Mascara :
- It is a bit dry leads to difficulties to apply on the lashes.
- The packaging was too easy to open even before purchase (which would lead people to open it although they are not purchasing it)

The brush was filled with FIBER and it looks a bit dry as if an old mascara

Comments on Majolica Majorca - Perfect Automatic Eyeliner @ RM44.91 with discount

I was giving a lot of expectation on the eyeliner as I decided to purchase MJ's eyeliner rather than any other brand. However, it does gave me a little of disappointment. I could not even try on the product in the display rack as the display product was already broken and dried out. So, I wandering around the store to look for other brands but lastly i decided to choose MJ's eyeliner. When i try it i found out that the eyeliner wasn't that good as expected. The colour will only be BOLD after several application. I was expecting for a BOLD colour because the outcome will be thick after a few application. If you was looking for a eyeliner which give you a Thin Line and a Bold colour, this eyeliner will not be the best choice for you.

The brush of the eyeliner. The brush was a little too big if you wants for a thin line on your eyes. 

The FIRST UPPER LINE was a line drawn on the FIRST application. The SECOND LOWER LINE was a line drawn after a several application.