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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple Chinese Fried Rice @ 28.01.2014

Fried Rice is a dish that could easily be made. You can use varieties of ingredient or flavor to make the fried rice that suits your taste bud.

But today I will share the ingredients that suits for people who are categorized as ''Vegetarian''. For the people who would prefer to go for meat, you could replace ''Artificial meat'' with any of the meat that you love.

Ingredients : Onion , Garlic, Ginger, Egg, Artificial Meat (Vegetarian Meat) , Rice , Carrot , Kaduk Leaves (OPTIONAL) , Cabbage
Cabbage , Dice it. 
Artificial Meat (Vegetarian) , Made from Mushroom.
Carrot , Dice it.
White Rice , It is better to use the rice which you had already kept in Refrigerator overnight.
This is because it will gives a harder texture and will be easier for you to stir it in the pan.
Kaduk Leaves, Slice it.
Garlic and Ginger, Cut it into tiny pieces.
Onion, I prefer to cut it into TRIANGLE shape because I want to have the texture of onion when I chew it.
You could dice or chop it into tiny pieces.
Kaduk Leaves before slice. It also use to make Otak-Otak.
Heat the pan with some Oil in it.
When the Oil is hot enough, add in Ginger and Garlic. 
Next, add in Onion and fry it in the pan for 20 seconds until you can smell the nice smelling of Garlic, Ginger and Onion.
Add in Kaduk leaves and continue to toss it for about 10 seconds. (Optional Step)
Then, add in Carrot. Toss it for about a minute.
If you feel that it will burn in this steps due to the dryness in the pan, add some water so it won't burn out.
Add in Egg. Don't forget keep tossing it as it would burn easily in this step.
Throw in Artificial Meat (You could change to any meat that you like in this step).
Simply toss it for 25 seconds.
Example : Chicken, Beef, Sausages
Add in Cabbage and let it to stay in the pan for about 30 seconds.
Remember not to stop tossing the ingredients.
Lastly, add in white rice and continue to toss it.
PS : If your rice are sticking to the pan, add in water so the rice will not stick to the pan.
Add in Soy Sauce, Dark Caramel Sauce and Sesame Oil
Add roughly 2 teaspoon of Sesame Oil.
Add in 2 teaspoons of Dark Caramel Sauce.
Soy Sauce must be added in based on your taste. For me, I'll only add 2 teaspoons.
If you prefer to eat salter food you could add more.
Final Outcome.

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